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09/17/16: This popcorn is the best! I can only find it at the. Carrier Dome. Do you retail it anywhere? For Christmas presents etc? -K.G.

02/10/16: I absolutely love your popcorn!! I am a season ticket holder at SU and buy it at every game. Do you have the ability to buy it online on the website? I couldn't find that option? -B.D.

12/31/15: Hi there,
I was gifted one of your popcorn bags from my manager ... (here in Atlanta) and OMG!!! What an amazing product. I am a huge popcorn fan but not so much a caramel corn fan but this is something out of this world!!! Do you have a shipping option by chance? I finished my bag and am already craving more. This stuff REALLY IS addictive! -M.J.

10/02/15: LSU fan who had some of your caramel popcorn at the Carrier Dome last weekend. AMAZING!! Can we order online? Thanks. - A.S.

2/19/15: I just have to say how much I and my family enjoy your caramel corn! We have had it at every home football SU game and also every home basketball game as well. I have bragged about it to, I lost count of how many people. -DD, Syracuse

9/16/14: Ur popcorn is delicious Ms. Charlene I buy it at Nojaims west side thank u! Its the bomb!!!! -C C, Syracuse

12/18/13: I live in Syracuse NY near the university campus. Where can I purchase your popcorn? -E.E

12/12/13: First I wanted to say that I love your caramel corn! I look forward to picking up a bag (or two) whenever I visit the Carrier Dome. -S.S.

1/24/12: great stuff had at the dome! The best is right!!! -J Mc

12/17/11: I went to Green Hills this week so I could put some of your carmel corn in a Christmas present I was sending out of town, and they were all out. -J.K

12/4/11: Was at a SU game on 12/2 and tried your caramel popcorn. Absolutely delicious and addicting! We live in Rochester... do you ship out any of your products? Thank you, -B. D.